Seeking judicial guidelines in Habeas Corpus petitions relating to women – Press Release

Press Release

Bangalore, 14 Aug 2013: Sruthi, a lesbian from Kerala, put up a brave front and declared today that she would fight legally for the release of Saranya, her friend and partner, from the clutches of her family.

Addressing a press conference at the Institute of Agricultural Technologists on Wednesday, the 21-year-old B.Com graduate narrated how she was threatened by the Kerala police in the Kerala High Court premises yesterday. “Mr Anil Kumar, the Sub-Inspector, was forcing me to go back to my parents and threatened me of dire consequences. But I told the honourable court that I do not want to go back to my parents house,’’ Sruthi said.


The Press Conference was arranged by ReachLaw and Praja Rajakiya Vedike to reveal the details of a campaign taken up to press for creating guidelines to deal with cases of Habeas Corpus petitions relating to women. Prominent city lawyer and human rights activist, Mr BT Venkatesh, a partner in Reach Law, a law firm and Mr Elavarthi Manohar of Praja Rajakiya Vedike addressed the media along with Sruthi.

“The Shornur SI Mr Anil Kumar also threatened me and others including advocates Ms Asha Unnithan, Mr Jahangeer Paleri, Mr. Abhilash and Ms. Nithu, a human rights activist and when we reminded him that he is in the court premises, he tried to intimidate us by saying `come out of the court, we will see’,’’ said Mr Venkatesh, who along with advocate Ms Asha Unnithan, represented Sruthi, fought and won the case. They filed a complaint with the Registrar General of the High Court of Kerala that Kerala police have threatened them in the premises of the court.

In reply to a question, Mr Venkatesh also narrated the landmark judgment in the case Rajmohan MS vs State of Kerala in the Kerala High Court where the honourable court ruled that even a friend or partner or a spouse can file a Habeas Corpus petition. He felt that abuse of procedures during Habeas Corpus petitions should be looked into and urged for urgent guidelines to be framed. “We have started an online petition LET WOMEN DECIDE FOR THEMSELVES: relationship, marriage, friendship… Need for guidelines in cases of Habeas Corpus on (

requesting the public and after a few days we will submit the petition to honourable Chief Justice of Kerala High Court Justice Manjula Chellur,’’ said Manohar Elavarthi. He also said “women are no way less than men, adult women are capable of making their own decisions like any human being in the society. Any section of society treating adult women as property of their father/ husband/ son/ family is illegal and is highly condemnable.”


On Tuesday, the honourable High court of Kerala dismissed the case of Habeas Corpus petition filed by the mother of Sruthi, alleging that the Bangalore based well-known NGO Sangama had detained her against her will.

For details call Manohar 963222 3460


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